Ruth 2:14

Meal Time


“. . . Come here, that you may eat of the bread . . .” Ruth 2:14


God’s people immersed in the ordinary is a beautiful thing to see. The love of Jesus through His people is transformational. Christ-followers take tragedy, loss, and bewilderment, and pump dazzling beauty into each moment. Through service and sacrifice, they craft hard situations into a polished diamond. Living like Jesus is not about words, concepts, and abstractions, but how we love others through the toughest times in the lives of others. But eventually every worker hits their limits. Energy and stamina give way to fatigue and burnout. With a dog-tired body and drained emotions, a season of rest is due.

Ruth was a stranger in the field, she was not a worker, she was there by an act of charity. She is a poor, fearful widow, conscious that she was an outsider and feeling little hope and joy. She is invited to rest and to nourishment. 

God ordains meal times for His workers. He has invited us to nourish on His word. Oftentimes we come away from the long days of serving and come together as His church to feed our soul by listening to His word. Frequently, God also appoints meal times in private for us to pray, read, and contemplate His word. We are to take truth, turn it over and over in our spirits until it’s metabolized into our heart. 

Still there are unexpected meal times. There have been times in the flood when we thought we couldn’t keep going, then suddenly, we felt the holy flow of God’s Spirit fill our heart and we found a new boost of His love to go on, push through, and finish the work. The sweet love of Jesus has enabled us to persevere when otherwise we would have quit.

When trouble, affliction, persecution, bereavement, become acutely painful, it’s then the Lord calls us into meal time. The Lord invites us to partake of His Spirit, faith is replenished, love is renewed, communion with Him is experienced. Soon, we begin to feel deeply that we are His, there is a new strength to return to the field to serve.


The Lord invites you to a meal time for your soul.