Ruth 2:1

Righteous Freak Show


“Now Naomi . . ."Ruth 2:1


Are you perfect? Of course not, probably far from it. And we know we are not. Who are we kidding? We don't have it together. And yet we carefully cultivate our image to present to the world.

But people are touched, moved and changed not by our perfection, but rather from a place of brokenness and humility – not pointing out our goodness, but pointing to His graciousness.

Perhaps the people in our lives who remain distanced from the Lord are unresponsive to the gospel because they look at us and see the life we are pretending to live and conclude that Christianity is only for the up and comers, only for the blameless. They think to themselves, Christianity must just be for the perfect people, but I'm not, therefore, He can't be my God.

Marrying into Naomi's happy Hebrew family didn't convert Ruth. It wasn't until Naomi became humble, honest and transparent. She confessed she struggled to believe God was good, she wasn't sure if God was kind. Naomi screamed out, I'm so bitter, I can hardly stand it! That's when Ruth said, your God shall be my God, because I can relate to that kind of raw openness. 

When will we ever learn there's no need to put up a front or put on a righteous freak show. When others can see that you and I are real – that we have weaknesses and vulnerabilities which the Lord is working out in us, then they will be drawn to follow Jesus with us. 

When we can come out of hiding and say to those around us, "I'm flawed, I hurt, I have problems, difficulties and struggles, and weakness, scars and hurts. I spend days mad at God and sometimes life sucks!" But there is One who is perfect, One who redeems. There is One who is all loving and always available.


Find one person you can be real with today, let them know how knowing Jesus has helped you in the realness of life.