Ruth 2:4

At the Line


". . . May the Lord be with you. . . ." Ruth 2:4


There’s no neat way out. There will be a painful, inevitable crisis regarding the crucial choices we make that will bring us up to a line every time. Spiritually there is a line that divides Moab from Judah in our soul. Every disciple will have to decide which land they will continue to journey within. 

There is Moab. It's been tried and found empty and unhappy. There is Judah, with all its provisions and blessings. And here are Ruth and Orpah, and now, in their journey, the two sisters must separate.

Orpah goes back to her people and her superstitions. Back to her old safe ways of doing things. How tragic to get so close to the will of God, then hesitate and turn back. There can never be peace standing at the line and not crossing it to follow God. Stay long enough at the line and, eventually, one goes back.

Back to self-indulgence, worldly distractions, carnal gratification. It may be back to business, greed and excessive work. It may be back to infidelity, unbelief and conflict. It may be back to open hostility to the Lord and hurting those who follow Christ. It may be back to hardness of heart. Whatever it may be, we go back. 

Ruth has to say goodbye to Orpah unless she can be drawn away. Also, as long as she stays there at the line, there will be more trouble, more temptation. When you walk with God, some people will not support you. You will have to bid them farewell. Oh, yes, there will be tears, but you are better off moving forward with God than going back to your old ways.

At the line between Moab and Judah is a call; where we give ourselves wholly and without reservation to God. Where I give up all that is contrary to God and His ways for my life. At the line is confession; we give our full allegiance to the God who is infinitely tender towards a returning soul. At the line there is need for a consistent life; God waits to give us strength to live the life He has called us to. At the line, a new life lies before you.


Have you stepped over the line to follow Jesus?