Ruth 2:2

No Matter What


". . . in whose sight I may find favor. . . ." Ruth 2:2


God is on a rescue mission. We've seen the picture countless times over the last few weeks. The waters rapidly rising, fiercely taking possession of one’s belongings. There stands an individual stranded on the roof of their house, out of options, and out of hope, confronted with the inevitability of loss.

When suddenly a rope drops from above, a rescue helicopter has arrived, a voice from above shouts, "We are going to get you out!" A first responder descends to harness the soaked individual into the safety apparatus, and now in the embrace of the rescuer, the distance between despair and deliverance has been shrunk. At once, they are pulled from danger and brought to safety. 

This picture reminds us that God keeps His promises. That nothing can separate us from the powerful reach of God. It makes no difference how real or how intense adversity may be, God will get to us where we are.

What we are facing is not imaginary, but dangerously real. We are facing things we would rather not face. But God assures us, we will get through it. Not because of our creativity, ingenuity, strength, or faith. None of these things affect our relationship with Jesus, nor the promise God has made to us.

What can get between us and God’s love? Not trouble, not hard times, not hatred, hunger, or homelessness, not even our worst decisions. None of it fazes Jesus’ love for us – nothing today or tomorrow, nothing high or low, thinkable or unthinkable, absolutely nothing, gets between us and God’s love, because He has descended from above on a rescue mission to save us.

In adversity, no matter how exhausting, it will not separate us from Christ. In affliction, when everything around us screams God is a lie, God’s love continues to hold us. In anguish, He is more than enough. 

Nothing is told of Ruth and Naomi's events along the road back to Bethlehem. Considering that the terrain was treacherous, behind the curves and hidden in crevasses, thieves lurked. But they made it. God accompanied them. And you will too.


Take a moment of silence and let your heart become aware of His powerful love.