Ruth 2:1



". . . Naomi had a kinsman . . ." Ruth 2:1


Troubles always make us look to God. The rain falls on the righteous and unrighteous. Christians go through floods, they lose precious things. Christians get displaced and dislocated. They are forced to reside in shelters. We all go through tough, tough seasons because we are all living on the same battlefield. Believing in Jesus doesn't exempt us from tumultuous times. No matter how many things are pressing in, press on, fight through it.

We must be determined to keep our view of God righteous. Don't get distracted with the mirage of thinking God is against you or that He is punishing you. This kind of thinking becomes a hindrance to trusting in God fully. As circumstances continue to be more chaotic, narrow your focus in your heart, mind and body. When the enemy comes in like a flood, God is faithful. Simplify your focus, look only at Jesus.

We are never free from the recurring waves of adversity. The concerns of food, shelter, clothing, money, friends, family, when any or all these things come flooding in, we must lift up Jesus over our thoughts and emotions. Jesus knows our circumstances better than we do. No matter what you’re battling, continue to keep your relationship with Jesus first. What will today, tomorrow, next week or next month hold? We do not know, just keep looking at Jesus.

Upon return to Bethlehem, Naomi asked that her name be changed. Her reason was that God had made her life bitter. Naomi had allowed her circumstances to define her concept of God. She blamed God for all her loss, struggle, and heartache. She believedGod was showing displeasure with her because of the misfortunes she had encountered. 

We must guard against circumstances determining our view of God. When the waters rise, my faith in Him will continue to rise. With the problems weighing on you, look to Jesus, and then you will see Him there, standing in the midst of the storm saying, "peace be still," and the peace of God will be your guard. Lay everything before Him – all your confusion and sorrow, and there you will find He is good, He is kind, He is there and He is faithful.


Thank you Lord, for being in this mess with me.