Mark 8:18

The Art of Re-Collecting

“. . . do you not remember, . . .?” Mark 8:18

These words sting. Jesus was shocked by the disciples’ dullness. After all these months together, and they still didn’t understand. They are panicked over not having enough bread; they had already seen Him feed the multitudes – twice. Had they forgotten what they had seen Jesus do? If they had only remembered, they would not have been in such fear.

Memory is a ministry – it inspires, encourages, and fires our spirit to trust beyond the moment.

Jesus did not simply mean for the disciples to recall what had happened in the feeding of the people, but to remember, in both cases of the feeding of the multitudes, they had collected baskets of leftovers. Jesus specifically asks them, “How many baskets full of broken pieces did you pick up?” He wanted them to remember – to recollect.

Look at the word “recollect” like this re-collect. In the same way, the disciples had walked the hillside, re-collecting all the pieces of bread and placing it in their baskets, Jesus is asking us to go back to our memory and re-collect the miracles He has done. Gather up His past faithfulness, and put it to work in the present. Take your memories into your present storms.

When the odds are stacked against us, we must re-collect His work from our memory. In days of stagnation, when difficulties crowd in, when it looks like you are at a dead- end, when it looks as though the enemy is about to win, you must re-collect God’s good work and fill your basket with His faithfulness.

Re-collect your moment of redemption, when He became your Savior, all the times He made a way where there was no way, when you felt His love, when you saw His faithfulness, all the answered prayers, times temptation was overcome, when you tasted His courage, faced your fears and won. The relationships and situations He’s resurrected. When you brought your broken pieces to Him, He took them and made much of them. When you re-collect the memories of God’s faithfulness, doubt and fear will vanish.

What’s in your basket? Is it full of God’s faithfulness? Make a list of all the ways you’ve known God’s goodness.