Mark 8:17

Alone In the Crowd

“. . . Do you not yet see or understand? . . .” Mark 8:17

No one understands you.
The good news is, there is One who understands. Nobody was more misunderstood
than Jesus. Jesus knew exactly what it felt like to be surrounded by a crowd and be
totally alone. Just in case you are convinced you are the exception, it’s good to
remember, He experienced aloneness in different spheres.

The Public:
Sometimes He was alone in the crowd. They followed Him, listened to Him speak. They
trusted Him with their troubles, brought Him their sick, maimed and possessed. They
poured out their secrets, struggles, sorrows and stains. He was there to heal them all,
every time, He was for the service of their needs. They swarmed around Him, pressed
into Him, but never knew Him and, in the end, they abandoned Him.

The Professionals:
The religious leaders, Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes should have had the most in
common with Him, for they studied the sacred text, just as He did. Though they were
well-studied, they found themselves dumbfounded by His wisdom. They grew angry
with themselves, became furious with Him, and picked up stones to cast at Him. In the
company of the most spiritual people of the day, He was alone.

Personal friends:
He made himself vulnerable with them by calling them friends. But friends understand,
feel, care and support. And in the last agonizing moments of His life, when He needed
them most, He asked them to stay and pray with Him, they fell asleep. Alone, Jesus
moves out to meet His destiny.
Maybe you’ve been in one these groups – or all of them. Yet, though you have been
alone, or have left the Lord alone, at times misjudged Him, and misinterpreted Him,
failed to understand His ways, He still calls us friends. He is not ashamed of us.
As His disciples, we, at times, are afraid, doubtful and slow to understand. But we must
press on, following Him where He wants us to go. We must cling to the power of His
person. In spheres of aloneness, we, in silent amazement, know He stands with us,
calmly assuring us that He is love.

Don’t let aloneness get the best of you, receive the company of His presence.