The entire Book of Ruth

7 Reasons


The entire Book of Ruth


Storytelling is an integral part the journey of faith. The biblical use of stories as a vehicle for truth is common. Nathan used a parable to rebuke David. Paul adapted the allegory of the body to communicate how the church functions. The best examples, of course, are the parables of Jesus, in which the actions of the characters reveal the heart of the Father and His kingdom.

Stories were told and retold for centuries with details taking on greater significance, depending on their context. The stories wandered from family to family and group to group. Stories were meant to inspire, instruct, and most of all invite us into the narrative of God’s redemptive work.

The story of Ruth is a story meant to be enjoyed. It is the perfect example of the storyteller’s art. Before we take a walk with Ruth and the God who rocked her world, here are seven reasons why the Book still has the power to shape our thoughts, touch our emotions, and impact our lives.

  • Ruth shows us where to turn and what to do when life hurts. Despite her losses, this young widow fixes her gaze on God.
  • Ruth gives us permission to be bold when we need to be. Ruth is anything but meek, mild, and submissive.
  • Ruth demonstrates the beauty of humility and hard work. Ruth must let go of her pride and pick up the scattered grain.
  • Ruth proves that a woman doesn’t have to be beautiful to get a man’s attention. When Boaz sees Ruth across a crowded field, it’s her commitment to her mother-in-law that impressed him.
  • Ruth teaches us the value of speaking our minds and opening our hearts. Ruth wasn’t afraid to ask this rich landowner why he treated her with generosity.
  • Ruth makes it clear that patience is a virtue worth cultivating. Ruth sits and waits for Boaz to act. Tough to do, but so worth it.
  • Ruth gives us a glimpse of our Kinsman-Redeemer and the hope He offers. From the first verse to the last, we long for a Redeemer to save the day and does He ever!


Help me to understand the qualities that Ruth showed the world, and try to place them in my life each day.