Luke 15:22

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A Living Representation



“But the father said to his servants, ‘Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet.’" Luke 15:22



Do we have the holy instincts that enable us to rejoice in the things that please God? It’s worth examining our life in light of this question. When the heart is closed to the very thing that moves the heart of heaven, it’s a sign we are too proud to love as God loves. Intimacy with the Father is proven by the inflow of the joy of heaven.

It’s easy to see the grace of God in one who has long walked with God, one long recovered from selfishness, but can we see the potential in those who are far off from God? If Jesus were here, He would surprise us by how He received those still covered in the debris of their past. 

We would hear Him gladly exclaim, “Rejoice with me,” then cover the wayward one with royalty, place power on him, give him purpose and destiny. God lavishes grace on us. In the story of the prodigal, we identify with the younger brother, seeing ourselves as prodigals returning to God.

Some of us even identify with the older brother, realizing we’ve sinfully harbored resentment when God shows grace to others who, in our wrongful judgment, are “less Christian” than ourselves.

But have you ever thought God wants you to identify with the prodigal’s father, who “keeps no record of wrongs,” as he scans the horizon, always hoping for the return of his son?

Consider that we’re on a journey, through Jesus, to become like the heavenly Father, where we become one with His heart, one with His mind. We are called to become Christ-like, and when we resemble Jesus, we resemble the Father. 

People will see the family resemblance in us. As sons and daughters, they’ll see the maturity of our Father working in and through us. Our objective is to become a father or mother of the faith, a living representation of the Father’s compassion for others.



Lord, help me each day to become more like You. Help me to treat family and friends with compassion and love.