Luke 10:27

We are continuing our Foundations series, where we examine how our foundation of faith impacts the details of our living. If this devotional has had an impact on you, we would love for you to share it with your friends.


Abracadabra Grace



“. . . Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. . . .” Luke 10:27



Love is one of the most overused words in the English language. We apply the term to our favorite food or sports team, as well as to the most precious individuals in our life. As a result, the impact, as well as the meaning, of the word can become a little vague. When someone says they love lasagna, we know they mean something different than when they say they love their spouse or child.

But how is their devotion clearly defined? The obvious answer is, of course, their actions. Sincere, heartfelt, committed love is seen in how we live. That’s the kind of love Jesus had in mind when He gave us this passionate command.

There’s no waffling Christ’s words. No second guessing. Our love for Christ must be, and can be the central, driving force in our lives. It can become the motive for every action, the heartbeat behind every intention. Imagine what our lives can be if we embody this kind of love for Christ. 

We live in beautiful, complicated arenas. Where there’s trouble, pain and darkness, there’s our need to solve it with some numbing activity. If only grace, healing and love were more abracadabra kinds of things, but they’re not. Love is not something we can will. Love is a who. We need the saving love of Jesus, so we can love Jesus.

This is a life-transforming promise for every person struggling to overcome the bondage of an addiction. In the end, the solution isn’t found in more information, more will power, or even in more well-intentioned advise and support from loving friends and family, as vital as each of these things might be. No, the answer to our addiction is ultimately found in devoting ourselves fully to a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. In Him we find the power to overcome, as well as the strength to persevere.



Are you facing the battle of your life in the form of a life-controlling habit? Cry out to God, “Help me to want You more than I want anything else.”