Matthew 8:23

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Of Fans and Followers



“When He got into the boat, His disciples followed Him.” Matthew 8:23



The term Christian has many different meanings. In our current culture, faith carries nuances and subtle distinctions that there are different types of Christians. One can be a “fan” of Jesus, but not a “follower.” Such categories were unthinkable in the first century, New Testament church. There were no distinctions every believer was presupposed to be a disciple. Today there are believers who consider themselves to be Christians, but not disciples of Jesus. 

This kind of artificial separation has led to a common problem we face today. People profess to be Christians, yet believe that they do not need to follow Jesus. Discipleship is considered optional, a choice rather than a command. For many who call themselves Christians, being saved has no serious connection with an ongoing commitment to being formed into the image of Christ.

Jesus tells us that making disciples is not simply the most important thing in life, it’s the only thing. Making disciples is Jesus’ way of rescuing the world. Discipleship demands we put aside non-essentials, minor distractions and stop playing word games of fans and followers. Finally, begin living as a disciple of His. 

The essence of being a disciple is discovered as we constantly redefine and reaffirm and renew our identity in Jesus, always measuring ourselves by how we love Jesus, learn His ways and lead others in the same way. The time for talking is over, it’s time to begin to live as though Jesus is near, in our time, and in our place, in our motives, in our behavior. As indeed He is.

Every New Year’s Eve many make resolutions to live like a disciple by reading the Bible regularly, praying more, studying more, going to church more, worshiping more, getting in a house church, practicing the spiritual disciplines more. Many do these things, yet do not follow Jesus, they have never surrendered to the discipleship of Jesus. The error is in thinking these things are the Christian life. Jesus lived for God and so should we.



Are you planning to spend your day living as a disciple of Jesus? Why or why not?