Matthew 17:25

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Catalytic Conversations



“ . . . And when he came into the house, Jesus spoke to him first, saying, . . .” Matthew 17:25



Discipleship is not a do-it-yourself project. People are part of our personal growth process. Undeniably, we need others to grow spiritually. After all, a person’s most basic need in life is relationship. When people are connected to other people, their faith thrives and grows. Any major life shift always involves people helping other people – the more connected we are to others, the deeper our faith grows.

The tragedy of trying to disciple yourself is that it’s possible to get into church, pursue knowledge and information, and lose touch connecting with others. In our discipleship division here at Church Project, we hear stories of how people were reading their Bible, praying, doing all the things they thought a Christian should do, and then, how it all seemed to fall flat – God seemed so distant. But, when they got connected in one-on-one discipleship, reading and praying took on new meaning. 

Conversations are catalytic for the Spirit because they help internalize truth in the soul. They impart grace into the areas where our lives need it most. They support and strengthen when we face challenges beyond our ability. Being in ongoing, spiritual conversations enables us to go through various kinds of trials. The mind gathers information, but the heart works by gathering experience. We experience His life through being connected to other people.

Through spiritual conversation, doctrine can be communicated in a way that it relates to living life. Questions can be asked and answered, sin can be confronted and confessed, affirmation can be offered. Encouragement can be integrated into the growth process. Discipleship is a relational process where personal growth and faith intertwine.

Conversations have the power to create defining moments in one’s faith journey. Amazing things happen as the result of one-on-one discipleship. People discover they are not alone in their battles. When they are involved, they feel less ashamed and less guilty for struggling. They see and hear first-hand what authentic faith looks like, they are empowered to get past their own obstacles. 



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