Mark 1:15

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The Discipleship of Jesus



“. . . the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe . . .” Mark 1:15



Every person who left a substantial mark, on Christianity and the history of the globe, with what they accomplished in the world and the churches they launched, were disciples. Their discipleship was the key to their success. They thought of themselves not merely as Christians, but disciples. 

This should challenge all believers to think more intensely of themselves, not as just casual followers, but truly devoted, deeply committed, disciples. We are to take our lead from the discipleship to which He called followers during His life and ministry. We are to tap into the same desire and spirit that motivated the first disciples.

Imagine encountering Jesus. Such an encounter turned out to be a life-transforming experience, their lives became oriented around Him, He was the one who gave it center and focus and, most of all, meaning. The combined impact of meeting Jesus resulted in a movement which had world impact and shaped the history of nations, cultures and continents. 

How, then, do we measure our discipleship? Jesus left no manual. The gospel writers weren’t writing a how-to-book. They were calling others to a living faith in the risen Christ, and the way it formed and guided everyday life. Today’s verse sums up the meaning of being a disciple of Jesus.

1. Recognize God’s Rule. It’s easier to focus on the present and forget the hidden power which lies behind all our days. Discipleship begins with recognizing that Jesus is on His throne. Disciples live each day to make His reign visible.

2. Refuse to Relax. Jesus’ call to follow was urgent. In spite of the sweetness of life or the success of work, the decision to obey cannot be postponed. There is no time for the disciple to coast through daily life. We are to wake up to the impact Jesus’ ministry and message is having today.

3. Repentance is required. This response is a turn away from small, shallow, empty living. It’s a response which turns one’s whole world 180 degrees and points us in a new direction.

4. Relies on Relationship. To believe is to seek first the kingdom of God and fully rely on God to ensure that all the other priorities and responsibilities of life fall into their proper place. The ability to live successfully as a disciple is found only by being in the life of Jesus. The call to discipleship is a call to follow Jesus. 



Are you a disciple of Jesus? Why or why not?