Matthew 28:19 

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Overcoming Personal Objections



“Go therefore and make disciples . . .” Matthew 28:19



What’s holding you back from pursuing discipleship? It’s helpful to identify the objections in order to overcome them and move forward in discipling others. Here is a list of some common objections:

What if I fail?

Fear of failing has a way of exaggerating weakness, causing us to question our ability and leveling accusations that drive us away from discipling. Moving into the unfamiliar always requires courage, of which God has plenty to give to us. With a willing heart and a teachable spirit, failure is not an option.

I guess I really should. 

Don’t go into discipleship because you feel coerced, or because you are trying to impress God. Disciple because of your desire to listen to the heart of Jesus. Do it because of your love for God and love for people.

Whatever I do won’t be enough. It probably won’t make a difference.

The need always seems to be so much greater than our ability or resources. The truth is, God has equipped you with talents and ability that will make a difference to others. When your talents are connected to others, the impact is great.

I don’t know if I can do it.

Often, you won’t know if you can do it, if you don’t try. Success happens by facing our fear and saying, “Yes, God, with Your help, I’ll do it,” all the while trusting Him to give us what we need to do what He’s called us to do.

There are others who can do it better.

The notion that only “special Christians” are called to discipleship is not true. You have something to offer others, so stop disqualifying yourself and accepting self-imposed limitations and old fears, and do something. 

I know it’s important, but it’s not my problem.

It’s easy to think of discipleship as a theory, but fail to make the connection between the act of discipleship and the heartbeat of God. Whenever God’s love for the world, your service in discipleship, and the needs of others are connected, the presence of God is made visible.



Feel the fear and disciple anyway!