Mark 1:17

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The Three L’s



“. . . Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” Mark 1:17



What is discipleship? Many people when pressed to provide an answer get stuck. Some define discipleship as a religious activity, while others see it as an intellectual pursuit. For many, discipleship remains a fog. Specifically, discipleship is about who we are becoming. The missing element is knowing the outcome and the marks of one who follows Jesus. Truthfully, it is hard to hit a target one cannot see. Here at Church Project we have what we call the three outcomes. A disciple is one who loves Jesus, learns His ways and leads others. These three objectives were clearly stated in Jesus’ call to the first disciples. The content of verse 17 gives us the three outcomes of following Him. Today, Jesus is still calling others to follow Him and Jesus is still in the business of handcrafting people into disciples. A disciple is someone who:     

Loves Jesus – “follow me”

For the first disciples, it all began with a personal response to Jesus. They realized there was more to life than nets, boats, and employees. There was a tug on the heart that was followed by a reaction to follow. The call to discipleship is not just a call to love Him more and more each day. Love is the primary thing. Love rescues discipleship from being just another program. Love pulls us out of going through the motions without meaning. Love calls us to follow Him with dedication, determination and to measure our decisions by our love for Him. 

Learns His Ways – “I will make you become”

The invitation to follow Jesus includes Him taking on the responsibility to transform everyday people into disciples. The early disciples learned the ways of Jesus as they followed Him through all the circumstances of life. Jesus intentionally stretched His followers by placing them in situations that were uncomfortable, unfamiliar and unnerving. They learned the ways of Jesus’ ministry, message and methods through prayer, suffering, silence, struggle, conflict, compassion and commitment. We develop as disciples in real time; it’s always on-the-job-training. As we intentionally practice His ways, His character develops within us. 

Leads others – “fishers of men”

Amazingly, Jesus took such common and unschooled individuals and would transform them into instruments to reach the multitudes. He would make them leaders who, armed with their personal Jesus story, would turn the world upside down, and they did. Jesus trained others to perpetuate His work, proclaim His message and pass along His life to others. 



Take a piece of paper write your name at the top, then below your name write the three L’s. Do these three outcomes describe you? Are you progressing as a disciple?