2 Timothy 1:7

We are continuing our Foundations series, where we examine how our foundation of faith impacts the details of our living, and would love for you to share these devotionals with your friends if it has impacted you.


Free from Fear



“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, . . .” 2 Timothy 1:7



Imagine hearing the words “You’ll never change” or “We’ll never get any better.” Each of these statements points to fear about the future, and each is based on the lie that we can see into the future and know what is going to happen to us.

Fear of the future robs us of the fulfillment of the present. In this present culture, there is no time for fear or timidity. God has equipped each believer to valiantly endure patiently and suffer triumphantly. It’s the love of God living in us that casts out fear and empowers us to give ourselves fully to the will of God. It’s love that enables us to endure all kinds of hardships and mistreatments and repay with kindness. 

Oneness comes from being connected – emotionally bonded and attached – to another person, this in turn frees us from fear. It is that closeness that allows us to share emotions without the fear of rejection. 

Scripture speaks of Christians being part of one body with Christ as the head and with the Holy Spirit connecting us to one another, and therefore, we know when another is sad or hurt or afraid. 

If we could see the community of faith as the body of Christ, we would likely see each believer “attached” by the Holy Spirit to the head of the church, Jesus Christ. When one part of the body suffers loss, betrayal, or pain, the head is moved with compassion. Then, the Holy Spirit uses other parts of the body, moving them with compassion for the hurting.

We are to have this kind of sympathy within marriage as well. As oneness deepens, each spouse becomes increasingly sensitive to the emotions of the other. It’s great to know that when we are hurting and the rest of the world looks on with indifference, our spouse will care and give us the compassion and healing we need.



Lord, help me to be aware of needs, hurts, and fears, and look to you for wisdom and guidance.