Matthew 11:28

We are continuing our Foundations series, where we examine how our foundation of faith impacts the details of our living, and would love for you to share these devotionals with your friends if it impacted you.


The Mission Class



“Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, . . .” Matthew 11:28



Class is society’s way of dividing members by social rank. There is lower class, middle class and upper class. However, there is another class of people, one not determined by race, economics, or status. It’s a class defined by love and compassion, who’s always aware of the needs of others and takes action to meet those needs. It’s the mission class, the class of people who refuse to wait for the departure date on the plane ticket before they start to serve. The mission class is always going and giving to others. The mission class knows life is tough everywhere.

It’s not easy being human, there are numerous ways it can go wrong. The struggle that comes from sickness is terrible, the harm that comes from hatred and ignorance is even worse. Often, we are shocked when we realize that those around us are suffering. Did you know the person at the local print shop killed herself? Did we wander in and out never suspecting anyone there was in distress? Had we known, maybe we would’ve been more sensitive and less preoccupied with our own troubles. 

It’s sobering to realize the person next to you at work or at church may be struggling with problems that seem impossible to solve. Many are living in apartment complexes in quiet desperation, slowly killing themselves a day at a time. The mission class knows the tragedy does not end when the story disappears. The hurt are still hurting, the homeless are still homeless.

The sheer volume of human sorrow and comprehensive need is one of the reasons for the appeal of Jesus’ words which appear near the end of Matthew. Here Jesus is speaking to the tired, the worn out and the burned out. He’s calling us to recover our life, to walk with Him and work with Him to learn the unforced rhythm of grace.



Jesus teaches us our life is to be organized around a new class – the mission class, who knows that the globe is their mission field. As you go about your day, look at the people around you, slow down, listen to them, pay attention to their needs.