Luke 12:24

Although we have concluded our study through the Book of Mark, we will continue to offer devotionals daily. We would love you to share these daily devotionals by choosing the “Share” button at the bottom of each one.


For The Birds


“Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds?” Luke 12:24



Most descriptions of the Christian life do not match people’s reality of their life. Marriage doesn’t blossom into bliss, kids are difficult to raise, and careers can stall. Our clumsy attempts to be like Jesus with others cause more problems than they solve. Only Jesus knows how to put it all together.

When we remember God’s special care for us and embrace the truth that He is a need-meeting God, at least two things can result:

1. We increase our ability to see Him work in our lives and the lives of our family. We can see God more easily because we know He is trustworthy.

Jesus reminded us of God’s care on our behalf when He described the Father’s care for birds and flowers. Jesus described God’s care of the ravens and how God feeds the birds and carefully provides for them. In Jewish culture, this would have been particularly significant because ravens were considered unclean creatures that were the least respected birds of the day. Jesus pointed out that if God cared enough to provide for the ravens, He certainly will provide for you and me and our families.

2. As our faith in God increases we come to believe in God, count on Him and look to Him to meet our needs for the future. And consequently, we get to please God. Our demonstrations of faith in Him actually make God smile. He loves it when we trust Him. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.



Take a few minutes to reflect on the many ways that God has provided for you and your family. Remember the ways He has noticed your needs and been sensitive to you and what you’re going through. Reflect on the ways He has responded to you and acted on your behalf. Remember the people God has brought into your life. Remember the special care Christ demonstrated on the cross. Now, because you know the truth, that He is a need-meeting God, declare your faith in Him for your future.