1 John 4:16

Although we have concluded our study through the Book of Mark, we will continue to offer devotionals daily. We would love you to share these daily devotionals by choosing the “Share” button at the bottom of each one.


The Lord of Love



“And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.” 1 John 4:16



The greater part of God’s work may go totally unnoticed. Much of God’s saving work may be done in obscurity of abiding in Him. This mystery is difficult to grasp in a time when notoriety and celebrating are everything. We tend to believe the more people know and talk about something, the more important it must be. The more hits and likes we get, the more significant we are.

Today’s verse makes this truth crystal clear – “God is love.” This fact is manifest in the life of Jesus, in the beauty of God’s creation, in the immensity of the universe, and in the stars in the heavens. From the tiniest flower to the tallest trees, God’s power is made real for us all.

If we abide in love, then we abide in God and He in us. We should let this truth capture our hearts. We live in an often brutal, heartless world where some governments thwart the dreams, if not take the lives, of their citizens. With God abiding in us, though, we can face any situation with courage, we can find the strength to overcome it, and we can choose to love.

We also see in this verse that God abides in us. Here, abide means “to dwell within” or “to live within.” Therefore, we see that as we abide in God, He abides in us. In other words, He will never leave nor forsake us! We will never be alone.

Though we may be a basket of paradoxes of faith and doubt, love and hate, hope and despair, admit both your good and bad sides to Him. You're not loved because you’re good, you're loved because of the goodness of God. 

Today, recognize the Lord of love who dwells within you. Meditate upon His love. Then think about a situation when you felt completely alone, and ask the Lord to help you see where He was during that time.



Father, I am confident in your promise never to leave me nor forsake me. I am secure in Your love, willing and able to love others, and looking for opportunities to encourage them. Amen.