Mark 15:20

Church Clothes



“. . . they took the purple robe off Him and put His own garments on Him. . . .” Mark 15:20



There are many details the gospels don’t tell us about Jesus – His personal appearance, the days of His childhood, His ministry and all the miracles He performed, even more about His last days on earth. For whatever reason, they chose not to include such particulars.

Yet, they report a seemingly unimportant fact that was forever burned into their imagination. They never forgot how the enemies of Jesus dressed Him up to mock Him; they put His own clothes on Him when He went forward to die for the redemption of the world. 

This detail is not insignificant. He was mocked, not in His own clothes, but in another’s, symbolic that he suffered for the sins of others. When He made His final approach to the cross, He was wearing His own white robe. The same one the woman in the crowd had touched the hem of and was healed. The same garment the children had clung to while He spoke. His own robe, the very one He laid aside to wash the feet of the disciples. 

They dressed Him in purple; still we do the same thing today. We put other garments on Him that hide His identity, misrepresent Him and mock His claims. Yet, the never-ending cry of the world is to see Jesus.

If only we could put on Him His own clothes, and not our highly colored garments. To see Him in divine simplicity. Jesus was a perfect prophet. He was a compassionate priest. He was a king. He was a mighty Savior. But He did not appear in the manner they expected. 

Jesus in His own garments makes demands on our faith, requires true allegiance, destroys everything in our life that is incompatible with His rule. He wants more than to be patronized and placated. Seeing Jesus as He is can make one wince. It’s easier to cover Him in church clothes than be confronted with His call to follow.

Don’t be satisfied to see Jesus in the garments others have placed on Him. Don’t leave Him covered in the robes in which you think He belongs. See Him as your Savior and Redeemer.  



Jesus show me You as You are.