Mark 15:3-13

Convergence of the Wills



“The chief priests . . . Pilate . . . the people . . . Barabbas . . . Jesus. . .” Mark 15:3-13



Throughout history and time there have always been two wills – the will of God and the will of mankind. They have always been in opposition. The battle between the two has been fierce, and is fought in every aspect of life. For every good and beautiful thing God is doing, there is a competing will which is hostile to the heart of God and seeks to defy, defeat and destroy the wonderful work of God.

However, in the trial of Jesus, the will of God and the will of mankind converge and both are seeking the same end. The death of Jesus. 

The will of God

During Jesus’ ministry He states He had come to die, Jesus lived His whole life in the shadow of the cross. It was not circumstance that compelled Him to die. Rather, it was a mission given to Him by the Father. In the court that day, Jesus stood silent. The great argument of Jesus’ life was over. Gethsemane was behind Him. Jesus knew it was His Father’s will that He should die. So He stirred up the Pharisees, disappointed the people, said goodbye to His disciples, and sent Judas to do what needed to be done.

The will of the heart

The shouts “Crucify Him!” came not from the thunder of heaven, but the throats of the multitude. It’s strategic that Jesus was crucified by the deliberate choice and voice of the people. The crowd which called for the blood of Jesus, was the same crowd who a week before had shouted “Hosanna!” as He entered the city. On the day of feast when they could have what they willed, they asked that Jesus be put to death.

The beauty of Jesus was not when He was hailed as king, but when He stood as an equal alternative with Barabbas. The real attitude of our heart is not seen in moments of ease. Our real heart is revealed in the dark hours, when we have to choose between Jesus and our sin. 



Has your heart been wavering? Have you given your will to Him?