Mark 15:12

Continuing Christ’s Crucifixion



“What shall I do with this man . . . ?” Mark 15:12



This is the great question of our life; it demands an answer. It’s inescapable, we all must give a response. Pilate could not get away from it. He had to do something about Jesus. We can no more get away from it than he could. Jesus stands in front of us, we have to do something with Him.

The crowd had a simple answer to that question – “Crucify Him!” Pilate accepted the crowd’s command and carried out their request. It was the easiest thing to do, it was the path of least resistance. Pilate had not given much thought to his own question. Verse 5 states, “so Pilate wondered.”

The trouble with Pilate was he did not wonder deeply enough to see who it was standing before Him. All of Pilate’s responses to Jesus are shallow and lack substance. Pilate was curious about Jesus, but there was no stirring of his mind, no conviction of the heart that could in any way lead him to understanding and, ultimately, a changed life. 

Pilate’s hollow answer to the question about Jesus was Jesus’ first crucifixion. It happens every day, many continue Christ’s crucifixion. Whenever we treat the words in a shallow and careless manner, whenever we try to kill the things He lived and died for, we take part in the crucifixion. We can patronize Him by acknowledging He was a good and interesting man who said some good things, however, we continue Christ’s crucifixion by ignoring Him.

Let’s not mistake ignoring Jesus as the same thing as escaping Him. We can no more escape Jesus by ignoring Him, than we can escape death by pretending it’s not a reality. 

Even Jesus’ executioners could not ignore Him. We can blot Him out of our life and go on as though He never lived and never died. By doing so, we crucify Him again.

The message of Jesus is good news to those who not only acknowledge Him, but accept Him. 



What will you do with Jesus?