Mark 15:13

His Cross Was Yours



“Crucify Him! . . .” Mark 15:13



Your life has redemptive significance. As long as the cross remains in the category of history, our life is undisturbed. The sad reality is we have become experts at keeping our distance from Jesus. The Father wills us to conform to the dying of Jesus. When His dying collides with the darkened spaces of life, our well maintained life is blown apart.

The three crosses had already been built for that day’s executions. The three criminals sat on death row, their death was only a matter of time. In just a few short hours the nails would be driven through their wrists.

Barabbas was one of those criminals. He had led an uprising against the Romans. During the riot, people were killed. Barabbas’ crime carried with it punishment by death. Barabbas deserved to die, but it was Jesus who ended up being nailed to the cross built for Barabbas.

We are all Barabbas. If we were totally honest with ourselves and God, we’d have to admit that we have sinned against God. The death penalty applies to us.

Imagine crosses lined against the walls of the city. There pinned on one of those crosses is your name. The cross has been built for you. You are sitting on death row. As you sit there in your cell outside the walls, you hear your name being chanted. The crowd’s voice grows louder and stronger calling your name.

The others in the cells on each side join in the chant. Now you know you are not just hearing things. The door at the end of the hallway opens. You hear the footsteps of the guards walking towards you, the rattling of the keys. The key is inserted into the lock, you hear the bolt slide open, they swing the cell door wide open. They step aside and say, “You are free to go, you are being released, someone else will be using your cross today.”



You are free to go, the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.