Mark 16:17

Risen and Alive



“And these signs will accompany those who have believed . . .” Mark 16:17



In this life we are only promised two things, today and eternity. Our journey of faith must be taken daily because it’s all we have. Our journey will wind its way through numerous obstacles, along with countless ups and downs. There will be times of confusion concerning direction. Jesus bodily appears one last time to answer the question about direction through three distinct actions.

Admonishes disbelief

Jesus’ confrontation of the disciples’ unbelief is our confrontation. The depths of unbelief within the church are many – practicable atheism toward life, preference for the powerful over the poor, the pursuit of finances over faithfulness. All stems from a lack of experience with Jesus as risen and alive. By the resurrection, faithless disciples become believers. In the act of obedience, faith is born and in the course of the mission, faith is confirmed.

Authorizes demonstration

Jesus’ last word is not a rebuke, but a command given with a promise of demonstration. Specific signs will accompany those who believe. The promise is to those who give themselves to go everywhere sharing the gospel with others, they will find their faithfulness confirmed in tangible ways. When they face dire situations, they shall overcome the opposition of the enemy. The signs follow the ones who are willing to translate the truth into this life.  

Accompanied with a demand

Disciples are to go out in the name of Jesus. The dream of full-scale salvation of the globe will not be accomplished by autonomous believers or spiritual gypsies, but those who are passionately connected to the life and the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The future will not be created by those who are technically competent, though it’s important. The future will be formed by those who have the capacity, resources, inclination and the spiritual substance to imagine a world differently. Reaching our world with the life of Jesus Christ concerns not only the family and the success of the church, it concerns the future of the world, which depends upon the faithfulness of each believer. The gospel is conversation which calls the next generation to care for others in a way that breaks loose from the seductive ideologies of the day. 



Is your life moving in the direction of the Lord?