Mark 14:54

The Wrong Doing and The Wreckage



“Peter had followed Him at a distance, . . .” Mark 14:54



It’s happened to us more than once. We are shocked by our propensity for failure. We spend so much time flattering ourselves with our personal goodness, when the dark side of our character emerges, and we do something we never imagine ourselves doing, we are baffled by the depth of our sinful nature. What seemed like a sudden display of depravity, in reality, had a long runway from which to launch.

It was like that with Peter’s fall. Peter was the least likely guy we would ever suspect to deny Jesus. He was the most devout and bravest of the twelve. But Peter’s fall had a history. His self-confidence and pride had been steadily growing in his heart. It’s the darkness stirring within that leads to wrong doing and the wreckage. Through Peter’s denial we discover what led to his breakdown.


Peter allowed himself to be separated from Jesus, the lines of communication had been cut. He now followed Jesus at a distance. As in any relationship when the communication stops, the connection erodes. 


When Peter saw Jesus in the hands of the enemy, all his hopes of crowns and thrones vanished. He had lost all hope and faith, Peter saw nothing but failure. His heart was crushed. Faithlessness and failure always go hand in hand. Discouragement has a way of convincing us to give up. 


Peter put himself into the danger zone. He sat with the very men who had seized Christ in the garden. These officers were talking over the course of events of Jesus’ arrest and trial. And Peter sat with them, he made himself at home with the enemies of Jesus. Whenever one deliberately places themselves in the path of temptation, the fall is at hand. Three times Peter would deny Jesus.


Peter’s story doesn’t end in failure. He’s restored and infused with a fearlessness that would inspire many to faith.



Is there a storm of denial brewing in your life? Remember the ability to weather the storm is in direct proportion to your faith in Jesus.