Mark 16:12

Framed by a Form



“. . . He appeared to them in a different form . . .” Mark 16:12



Jesus is beyond our expectations. Mark tells us that something kept them from recognizing Jesus.

His spirit, disposition and love had not changed, even His personal ways were the same. Mary knew Him by His voice, it was the expression of His heart. Two of the disciples knew Him in His breaking of the bread, it was the outward sign of His intimacy with the heavenly Father. Five disciples recognized Him by the breaking of their nets from the huge quantity of fish. When He showed Himself to the eleven on Easter evening they did not recognize Him until He showed them His pierced hands and side. His habits were the expression of His character, just as they are for all of us.  

There are some things that death does not change. It doesn’t change one’s personality, it doesn’t change character. Our love and affection for Jesus will go with us into the next life. We will be the same people on the other side of this life. 

Jesus was the same, but different. At His resurrection, He had passed into the spiritual world. He was framed by a form of another kind, one more suitable to a heavenly life.

On our Emmaus road of faith, throughout our lifetime, Christ appears in different forms. With every mile we know Him in another way. With every trial temptation, with every hour of heartbreak, and every cross we are called to carry, He’s always appearing in another form. In our youth, He’s the Lord in the midst of our chaos and confusion. In seasons of stress and strain, He’s the Lord of rest. In the golden years, He’s the way that leads home.

In every age and every stage, we need to know Him in a different form. So, we must expect our view of Him to deepen. There is infinite fullness in Him that can be found throughout our life. How tragic it would be to live with a frozen view of Jesus, to have never known anymore of Him beyond the day of our salvation. 



What is Jesus to you today?