Mark 16:11

Disbelief Discovered



“. . . they refused to believe it” Mark 16:11



Hearing and paying attention are two different things. Many times Jesus had told the disciples, “The Son of Man must be crucified, but He will raise again on the third day.” Jesus had preached it. He had painted the message with parables. One would think the disciples could have never forgotten it, especially when they had witnessed its partial fulfillment. But they did, more than forgetting, they didn’t believe.

Even the best of Christians can have weak faith. Three times Mark describes the unbelief of the disciples. Mary Magdalene announces to them the Lord has risen, but they did not believe it. Still, when Jesus appears to the two as they are walking, they did not believe. After He appears to them while they were reclining and eating at a table, they did not believe. Jesus rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn faith to believe.

Such a remarkable lesson of forgetting the teaching of Jesus; Jesus had repeatedly told them He would rise again. Though they heard Jesus speak, they failed to retain His words. When it came time for them to believe, they were found in unbelief. 

Even in the midst of doubts, God is stronger. This should give us assurance in our times of struggling to believe. If the disciples were so unbelieving at first, then were at last convinced, how strong is the proof of Christ’s resurrection?

Don’t be surprised when you discover disbelief in your heart. Stop being offended when you see disbelief in others. After all, we are only human. We experience the same feelings of the disciples, sometimes our faith crumbles under the pressure of circumstances.

Disbelief doesn’t disappear by itself. We must resist the persuasive lies of unbelief. We are to watch, pray and push back at disbelief. While we do, we are never to buy into the lie that there’s no grace because we have doubts or think our disbelief disqualifies us from following Him. The only thing needed to fight doubt is to know you’ve risen with Christ to share in His resurrection.



Have you surrendered yourself fully to God?