Mark 16:10

Your PSI



“. . . while they were mourning and weeping.” Mark 16:10



It’s hard to be everybody’s hero all the time. Sooner or later you have to look in the mirror and admit you are human.  Eventually you will run into a trial for which you have not been rated, the pressure is beyond what your weight load can endure.

Certain types of pipes have a PSI rating, the pounds per square inch indicates how much pressure a cylinder vessel can hold. If more pressure is added beyond the PSI rating, the vessel will break. All of us are rated to withstand a certain amount of pressure. 

The familiar church axiom, “God won’t put on you more than you can bear,” is a distortion. The complete lack of truth of this statement only serves to create more pressure in a believer’s life. It implies one has weak faith. The very fact we each have a personal PSI means there is a level of agony and adversity one is capable of carrying. Likewise, there is a breaking point. However, God is there to meet us in the midst of hurt and hardship.

Jesus’ friends and family had exceeded their PSI. We need to linger here with the mourners. Their senses are overloaded. They had seen His suffering felt the loss of losing Him. Tears and lamentations flowed. Death is always a head-on collision with our plans. 

Life, age, love, possessions, family, all create their own kind of pressure. We’ve all felt the weight of every addition to our stress load. Whenever more crisis and concerns are taken in and there is no outlet for release, pressure builds tearing at the seams, rupturing the soul. Thankfully, the Cross has the ultimate PSI rating. The Cross can take the full heaviness of life. The Cross is the place where the reconstructing of life takes place. 

Jesus is alive and present, He did it without any help from us. We can no more take charge of fixing life than a pipe can fix itself. The pressure is great, only Jesus can lift the load off us.



Where are you under pressure?