Mark 16:9

Something about Mary



“. . . for whom He had cast out seven demons.” Mark 16:9



All is not lost. Mary Magdalene shows us how much Jesus values love. Mary, last at the cross, first at the grave, last to confess her Master while living first to honor Him at His death, first to see Him when His victory was won. The witness of Mary has a message for us. 

Mary is a comfort to all who have lived in the excesses of sin. Mary is God’s means of showing us that no matter how far we’ve fallen, we are raised to complete peace with God by repenting and believing Jesus Christ.

Though we have been far from God, now, through Christ, we are brought near. Though we were once enemies, through Christ, we are made His friends. The old has gone, the new has come. The blood of Christ makes us completely clean in God’s sight. We may have been the ringleaders of immorality, the emcees of evil-doing, but now brought to Christ, all is forgiven. We may come boldly and have access with confidence. Our wickedness, wrongdoing and wallowing in the mire, like those of Mary, are remembered no more.

Mary’s love for Jesus is a challenge to our motive of loving the Savior: 

  • “Loving for our own good.” We try to handle things on our own, but life throws too much at us. Soon, we are out of our depth. We call on God for help.
  • “Loving God for our sake.” We turn to God for what He can do for us. If God doesn’t act the way we think He should, soon we begin to see God as He is, in total goodness, and not how we imagined Him to be. Slowly faith becomes more about Him and less about us.
  • “Loving God for God’s sake.” Love develops into adoration. We forget ourselves and love Him for who He is. Like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus..
  • “Loving self for God’s sake.” God’s love for us permeates our love for God and we are completed by the perfect love of God.



What’s your motive for loving Jesus?