Mark 16:9

Love Holds On



“. . . He first appeared to Mary Magdalene, . . .” Mark 16:9



Love remains a theory until it’s practiced. Nowhere do we see it better put into practice than through the women who ministered to Jesus. All of the gospels list some of these women, but it’s noteworthy that at the top of every list is Mary Magdalene. The gospel writers all noticed the same thing.

It is Mary’s love that spoke the loudest. She was the last one left at the cross, she stood alone before the bloody bludgeoned Jesus. She was there at the place where the body of Jesus was laid, she saw firsthand the meticulous effort taken by Jesus’ enemies to ensure His finality. They had set and sealed the stone to the tomb, the Roman soldiers were sent to stand guard to make sure. 

Mary was there that day and what a day it was. The one day in the history of Christianity that records a dead Christ. Then, at dawn, when the Sabbath had come to a close, Mary returned with spices to complete the embalming of her dead Savior. It was the last act of love and sorrow. Jesus was gone, her faith was crushed, but her love stayed strong.

Mary Magdalene had a past. Mark tells us Jesus had cast seven demons out of her. We should not forget, evil is real and carries real consequences. But Jesus is stronger than any dark power. Her love for Jesus was deep because her deliverance was deep. Love is stronger than faith.

Faith can die, but not love, because God is love. Love faces facts, it’s courageous and gentle, it’s eyes are wide open to reality. Love never fails. This is the mark of Mary’s heartfelt love-love. Love holds on. When the other disciples had all gone back home, Mary lingered by the tomb.

Love holds on through difficulty, delay, hardship, heartache, through temptation and trials, insult and injury, rejection and revenge. Through cross and grave, love holds on. Mary was last at the cross and first at the tomb. Because love endures all things. Love holds on. 



Does your love hold on?