Mark 16:7

The Rebounding Life



“. . . just as He promised you.” Mark 16:7



Things break and, sometimes, we are the broken thing. Thankfully there’s grace to get through the murky moments, when life collides with our plans. Because of the rebounding life of Jesus, there’s hope. The last word belongs to Jesus, and His promises will be fulfilled.

Jesus in Mark 14:28, promised He would go before them to Galilee, the angel reiterates the same promise here in verse 7. We must not miss the main point here – He is a God of promise.

Throughout the gospel of Mark, Jesus makes promises. He promised the Spirit would rest on them with power. He promises He would turn ordinary people into fishers of men. He gave His sacred word that those who sacrifice for His sake would receive a hundredfold more. He vowed that before the end of the world His message would be told to all nations. He assured His followers that after the struggle there will be a day of celebration. 

We can trust that what He says will come true despite human meddling and evil opposition. He goes on ahead to secure His promises. The last word belongs to God.

The ending of our stories is not dependent on human performance, because God’s power continues to work in the midst of our weakness. Therefore, hope and expectation can live in our struggles. Yes, it’s true, God’s promises are encircled by weakness and God makes good on His promises because His presence overrides our failures and disobedience.

When God begins to set His promises in motion, we have a tendency to draw back in fear. God initiates His work in us with a simple instruction, “fear not.” We must hear these words again and again because God is always doing the unexpected, leading us where we least want to go. God has grand plans for us and His plans are accompanied with a grand promise “Do not fear, I am with you.” “Fear not, for I have redeemed you.”



How does knowing He’s ahead of you change your faith in Him?