Mark 16:6

Three Words



“. . . He has risen; . . .” Mark 16:6



The day Jesus died, the disciples’ dream died with Him. There were no new spring clothes, no pastel colored garments, no egg hunts. It was a dark day of hopeless defeat. The one who seemed to be the fountain of life had been choked by Gethsemane and Calvary. 

The disciples hope had withered into disillusionment. They were in deep, dark depression. Death reigned, wickedness and hopelessness were pressing in on every side. No one was looking for the third day. No one was looking for the morning. No one was looking toward the Eastern horizon. 

But then came a three word cry, “He has risen!” Like a trumpet pealing back the air. Like a light blasting through thick grey storm clouds, a burning light streaming through the darkness sending the night into a blazing heart of hope. The tomb is empty. The disciples were renewed, rejuvenated; a resurrection revolution had begun.

Before this moment, the disciples had been victims of uncertainty, they lived in doubt and fear. But with three words, “He has risen,” their uncertainty ends. The darkness has ended, the confusion is gone. It was clear Jesus was the Son of God. 

“He has risen” became a reservoir of spiritual energy. The resurrection had created a new resolve. Because the Lord had emerged from the grave, we too can rise out of our death spirals, out of our corrupt histories, into something totally new. 

Put yourself in the place of the disciples, at the site of the death of hope, overwhelmed with a feeling of utter helplessness. Truly, there was nothing they could do to face such a thing, but it all changed with three words “He has risen.” Unsteadiness was replaced by assurance.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the three words, “He has risen.” They transform our outlook on life, our past, present and future. They enable us to see the reason for the ugly struggle between dark and light, a battle we enter every day, that we may win an intimacy with the Risen One, where we proclaim three more words, “He is Lord!”



Do you recognize the energy of God’s resurrecting presence in your life?