Mark 16:2

The Stone and The Cross



“. . . they came to the tomb when the sun had risen.” Mark 16:2



The ugly truth concerning healing is after being healed, there will still be holes. We all have holes, holes of loss, brokenness, unmet emotional needs. Some have an entire constellation of holes. Maybe, with enough time and truth, we can face down the desire to quit living; maybe we can get the hole to narrow just enough so we can go on with life. 

With the stone and the cross, we are brought face-to-face with startling new facts. It’s possible for hope and despair to exist side by side. And the things that should’ve killed you but didn’t, that should energize you to persevere through your unhealed ground, the stone and the cross, each have their own meaning.

The stone stands for sin, that great barrier that divides us all from God. It’s been rolled away, sin is no longer in the way. The displacement of the stone says to take a step into the hole, go as far as you can into the darkened tomb. Get beyond your timidity and speculations. Go! Be it with a sad heart, great perplexity, and uncertainty, if you can see nothing but difficulty, you will find what they found in the hole. He’s already been where we fear to go, and filled it with resurrection.

The cross is meant to persuade the disabling moods that convince us to quit believing, that our effort toward freedom is worthless. Jesus went on, even when it meant death in the dark. The cross challenges faith in the victory of good over evil. It confronts pessimism that wants us to believe that our darkness has the last word. It exposes our make believe stories, it corrects our theories about the goodness of our heart. The cross is all the world made visible.

We are not left standing in front of the stone and cross with all our damaged missing pieces. There is a third day. Life goes on and we are told, “don’t be afraid” because perfect love casts out fear. Easter is the day that turns failure of confidence into conquering faith. 



Take a deep breath of resurrection life.