Mark 15:26

From Mockery to Majesty



“The inscription of the charge against him read, ‘KING OF THE JEWS.’ “ Mark 15:26



All four of the gospels include the phrase “King of the Jews.” The sign placed above Jesus’ head was written in three languages, Greek, Latin and Hebrew. Just to add insult to injury, Pilate could not resist making fun of the Jews. He did so by placing a sign above Jesus’ head. 

Pilate knew the religious evaders would cringe as they read the words on the sign. What he didn’t see was that in those words, he had condensed the claim of Christ. The mockery of the moment became majesty of all time.

We should not forget the cross wasn’t a grand, high-reaching structure like we see in movies and paintings. The cross raised the head of the sufferer a foot and half above the crowd of spectators. Jesus could hear the insults being hurled at Him. He could speak to John and His own mother. 

The claim of His kingship was the secret of His heart, it trembled on His lips. At times, He specifically forbid anyone from speaking such a thing. But soon it became abundantly clear, in His parables and through His miracles, that the King was bringing His kingdom to earth.

Upon His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, there was little doubt as to the message He was sending. The claim, the whole passion, is leading up to be the Messiah of the people. The King of a kingdom that is spiritual, universal and eternal. 

It all came into focus when He hung on the cross where Pilate had nailed Him and set His title over His head. The cross became His throne, that rendered all powers and principalities powerless, once and for all.

Jesus was victorious in the wilderness, in Gethsemane, before Pilate, in the hall of judgment and victorious on the cross. 

The choice is asked from each of us – either we deny, disregard or commit to Him in complete devotion. There comes a day when we must decide if He will be the King over our life.



Is He the King of your heart?