Mark 15:23

The Bottle and The Bowl



“They tried to give Him wine mixed with myrrh; . . .” Mark 15:23



Reaching for a temporary solution to deaden the pain is cunning, because the bottle and the pill promise to deliver a solution it can’t sustain. To successfully overcome any personal struggle, one must find something more rewarding than comfort and escape. We begin by realizing that the progress is in facing your pain. The problem is it’s extremely uncomfortable to face pain.

Jesus hung on the cross covered in sweat, spit and blood. They offered Him a way to numb the affliction and control the suffering, but He refused. Jesus saw something far more valuable than escaping the hurt. 

Called to live

The cross was the event toward which He looked, the goal for which He strained. Scripture tells us He set His face toward Jerusalem to endure the cross. He took our sin and guilt and offered Himself as the final sacrifice. 

Considered the loss

Had Jesus drank from the cup offered and gone under the influence, think what might have been lost on the ones who heard Him pray for His murderers; lost to the soldier who confessed to Him; lost to His mother whom He cared for from the cross; lost on the thief who believed in Him; lost would have been the seven great words of love; lost would be all those who believed Him throughout history.

Confirmed His loyalty

Jesus refused the easy path of indulgence and chose self-denial. He stayed true to all God asked of Him. Had He drugged himself, all His words of surrender would be drained of their meaning.

Continued to love

Jesus chose to love God over libation, had Jesus chosen an easy escape by sedating His soul with a drink, He would’ve lived for the moment instead of eternity. Many prefer a destructive habit and never know God as their love and source of redemption. 

Whether your cup is yelling at loved ones, popping a Xanax, doing a shot or starving yourself of affection, remember you are not the bottle or the bowl. Take your trouble and stand at the foot of the cross.



Don’t sedate your suffering, submit it to Jesus.