Mark 13:5

An Atmosphere to Hear



"And Jesus began to say to them, . . ." Mark 13:5



You can make it! Don't quit! Don't give up! When you are in the middle of a struggle, these words are hard to hear and even harder to believe. When life is pressing in on every side, it's difficult to make sense of the moment.

Mark 13:3 tells us that Jesus is sitting with His disciples on the Mount of Olives, opposite the temple. There is a spiritual truth here for believers today – in order to receive insight and instruction, we have to climb the high mountain to enter His presence. 

It's surprising with all that was about to take place Jesus had the heart to sit with His disciples and speak to them concerning things to come. Jesus sitting is an indication He was at peace. Even though He knew that in a few days He would be put to death, He was still at peace. He peacefully sat down on a mountaintop and looked at the forsaken city of Jerusalem and the temple.

By bringing the disciples up the mountain with Him, He was getting them up on a higher level into a place where the atmosphere is clear. This was the environment in which the Lord spoke. 

There are some things that can only be heard by sitting with Jesus, away from all the turmoil. It's in this atmosphere that hard truths are more easily heard, the truth that discipleship means loyalty to the suffering of Christ. We are made partakers of His struggle. We learn the only way through the tough times is by bearing the cross. If we are willing to lose ourselves in the service of His suffering, we will find our lives in Christ.

Wonderfully, the sights and the sounds of sitting with Christ equips us to face our own battles with renewed vigor. Sitting with Christ reminds us to pause and strengthen our faith; to ready ourselves for the conflict ahead. From the mountain, the view of tomorrow is not nearly as overwhelming. We are given a new determination to press on. We are given a new confidence to endure.



Take some time to sit with Jesus.