Mark 14:42




“Arise, let us be going; . . .” Mark 14:42



One cannot help but to be struck by the absolute bravery of Jesus’ words.  The time for praying and soul searching is over. It’s now Jesus’ time to take action. How important it is to recognize the time to move forward. The time to be going and doing the will of God never comes at the perfect time, it can’t be scheduled or placed on a calendar. 

So many believers are content to seek wisdom through conferences, committees, and the counsel of others. Always searching and never coming to a conclusion. All the pondering, procrastinating and postponing are just clever ways of avoiding a time of decisive action. They gather all the research and, as here in Gethsemane, they sleep on it. They never hear or see the hour for getting up and going.

Yet the demand for doing does come. It comes in connection with every great question of life. Every great moment in Christianity has come because someone took action. There’s no room to sit passively by and do nothing. Jesus’ words resound clearly into every realm of life “the hour has come,” rise up and meet it! 

It’s a jolt to the system when one has to get up out of a horizontal slump and go into action. But without a shock to the system, there is no salvation. There are far too many seats in life. There are thrones, benches, bleachers, chairs, chairman of committees; there is always something to sit in. For today is the day of salvation, now is the time to kick the chair out from underneath us and spring into action. Heed the call to “raise up o people of God.” 

There must be a renewal of the revolutionary resource of the message of Jesus. OurGod is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living.



Think of the last thing you knew God told you to do, but you put off. Return to that area of disobedience and do what He’s asked of you. Place your confidence in God and act.