Mark 14:32




“. . . Sit here while I pray.” Mark 14:32



This is one of the most moving scenes in the gospels. This story powerfully reveals both one of the high points in Jesus and also one of the lowest a person can experience –facing tragedy. One of the striking aspects of this story is the contrast of Jesus’ great need for the reinforcement of friends and the great struggle He had to face, isolation and loneliness. 

The words “you-sit-here” expresses an intense loneliness. Jesus must journey by Himself into the agony of accepting the will of God. Into that struggle He could take no one else, not even His closest friends. He reached the point where He had to leave His disciples behind. It had to be His own solitary experience.

There are many seasons in life when we have to speak the same word to our friends and loved ones. Up to a certain point we take Peter, James and John with us for support and love, which every person needs. There will be “you-sit-here” points, be it moral decisions, issues of the heart, or facing overwhelming pressure, when we must go on alone.

Failing to recognize that some decisions we make will be friendless, will only serve to complicate matters. We live so much in the midst of crowds that life can become one long rush hour. Living in a constant traffic jam shrinks the soul. It causes a loss of solitude that’s necessary for making wise decisions.

The only sustaining hope for “you-sit-here” moments is a true connection with God. When the disciples slept in the garden, Jesus was not really alone. The One He had prayed to and walked with all those years was there. Jesus didn’t have to manufacture a relationship with God, it was already there. He had been accompanied by His HeavenlyFather in the crowds and on the lonely hills of prayer. 

The lesson here for us all is don’t wait till you are thrust into a “you-sit-here” situation to find and know God. Seek Him now, through being a part of a community of faith, where you love Him more and learn His ways.



What’s your “you-sit-here” moment?