Mark 14:22-23

Across the Table of Love



“. . . He took some bread . . . He took a cup . . .” Mark 14:22-23



Memory is the gateway to love. It’s the love of Christ that elevates the soul. He asks of us what He asked of the disciples – to remember Him. By doing so, our affection is kept fresh, alive and alert. By remembering, we are lifted into an atmosphere of strength and confidence.

The disciples were all familiar with the old covenant Passover celebration. But Jesus longed for something more. Not an external bond to history, but a covenant of the spirit, where His spirit would be within them. It was a bond of friendship between heaven and earth. Jesus would soon die to win that friendship.

This is why Jesus places so much of Himself into the bread and the cup. Every time the bread and the cup are held, we cannot forget the word is made flesh. He’s broken and poured out. He takes the thorns, the nails, the spear, the darkness of desolation. Gethsemane and Calvary live before us.

Christ wished to be remembered by His death. He wants to be remembered. Not as one who spoke on the hillside with the multitudes gathered around Him. Not as one who fed thousands. Not standing up in the boat and calming the wind and waves. Not as a mighty healer curing leprosy with a touch, opening blind eyes and deaf ears with a word. He wants to be remembered as He hung upon the tree, a suffering, dying lamb.

Jesus didn’t look on His death as defeat or disaster. He saw it as a means of His triumph. Christ’s death was sacrificial. It was something that He Himself did. It was the mightiest act of His life. We are to remember that His death was for our life. 

What we are offered in the cross of Christ is what the world is perishing for lack of – a famine of love. Only a friendship with God will suffice. God has reached across the table of love by giving His son to redeem us.



Take some time today, place yourself at the foot of the cross, and think of Jesus.