Mark 14:19

Saints and Heroes



“. . . Is it I?” Mark14:19



The disciples sat with Jesus, gathered together in the upper room for a farewell feast. Little did they know it would be a moment their loyalty would be tested. Jesus’ words startled them, “One of you shall betray me.” It was the last thing they dreamed would ever happen. Their reaction is not surprising. At first, they were indignant. They scanned the table wondering who it was that had such a darkened heart. Had we been at that table, we would have suspected everyone but ourselves. What made them ask the question, “Lord, is it I?”

A tender conscience

They wanted a clean heart and a right spirit. Jesus had taught them to value the condition of their inner life. He taught them that it’s what we are at the heart that matters. And, if there was anything wrong within, any secret, sin or struggle, they could be told and they were ready to deal with it head on. 

Real Christianity begins only when we are ready to bring our life into the light and shatter every illusion we have about ourselves, tearing off every thread of pride that covers our deception. It’s a great thing when the conscience is tender. It means there’s hope for real lasting change. There is no possibility of freedom until a person becomes conscious of their own sinful nature. There is, of course, another step, we have to be willing to go farther.

A true confidence

The disciples were not honest with themselves. They knew there were dark things in them, fear, hate and passions, they had never overcome, which at any moment might rise and take them by the throat. If we are honest with ourselves, we know it’s not always righteousness that keeps us in line. Sometimes, it’s the fear of another’s opinion, or a shattered reputation. 

Peter and all the rest of them had their bouts with betrayal. In their battle they felt the heartbeat of Jesus’ love for them, he had not bitterness toward them. They knew He was with them in their struggle. This love that death could not destroy saved them and changed them into saints and heroes because He reigned in their hearts. 



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