Mark 14:15

Get A Room



"And he himself will show you a large upper room furnished and ready; . . ." Mark 14:15



The man who gave Jesus his guest room remains anonymous. He teaches us the power of a surrendered life. Given the opportunity, Jesus takes the common things we have and multiples their use beyond anything we ever thought possible.

The one who opens the large upper room of their life furnished with all their traits and talents, along with their unique personality, power and capacity, to that individual Jesus claims them for His use. When we surrender our life fully, there's nothing else we can do and Christ needs nothing else.

Christ takes us at our word. He says, "if you believe in Me, then you belong to Me. Since you believe, then yield your life which is rightly mine." This is the real meaning of Jesus’ call to follow Him; to know Him as the Son of God; trust His words; to give our best to Him. 

How relieved the man must have been that he never gave away his room for personal gain. He never pilfered the furnishings for his own use. He had resisted the temptation to use it selfishly. Every time he felt the tug to be careless with the room, he silenced the urge by reminding himself the room belonged to Jesus; it's there for His purposes only. He discovered that in surrendering his room, infinitely bigger things happened in that room than he ever imagined.

The ordinary guest room was transformed into a throne room for the King of Kings. In that room, Jesus declared He was the true vine. In that room, He took a towel, girded Himself and began to wash the disciples’ feet. In that room, He took common cups and plates and made them vessels of the first sacrament. To that same room, He came again after His resurrection. From that room, He sent His disciples into all the world to preach the gospel. Once more, in that room, the disciples gathered and He poured out His Spirit at Pentecost. That room became the most God-used room the world has ever known.



Give Christ your upper room.