Mark 13:35

Facts into Acts



“. . . you do not know when the master of the house is coming, . . .” Mark 13:35



Everything in our material world is stamped perishable. All our possessions, places and positions are passing away. To live for material things is to live for the temporary. Common sense tells us to turn from our temporary treasures of this world, and live for God alone. It’s a matter of choosing the permanent over the passing.

We are called to live expectantly, to be on the lookout for His coming. However, we are called to do this not by running to the hills and waiting, not by cheering for the advancement of darkness, nor are we to just sit idly by and run the clock out on this life. We are called to live expectantly in more practical ways.

Since everything that is here today might be gone tomorrow, it’s essential to live a life marked by the life of Jesus. Since His coming is what we have to look forward to, we are to do our very best to be found living at our best, in purity and peace. We are to renew our mind, be alert to His spirit, and to hold on to hope till the end. Our conversation with unbelievers is to be honest and loving. We are to show honor to others, especially to leaders, even if we don’t like them all that much.

In light of His coming, we are to love God, and love others. We are here to give people a glimpse of good living and the living God. We are to carry the light-giving message into the night. Nothing could be more practical than that. 

But how? We are faced with the challenge to turn the facts into acts. The secret to living well while awaiting His return, is in the spirit. The Holy Spirit is the power that came down out of the heart of Christ Himself, to be embedded in our life. To empower us to live with the full energy of the kingdom. To recreate our identity, making us citizens of heaven who are assigned with the task of bringing heaven to earth. 



The end has not yet come, but the spirit has. We can live in the spirit. We have His eternal power at our disposal.