Mark 13:8

The Upside Down Kingdom



". . . kingdom against kingdom; . . ." Mark 13:8



As Christians, our devotion is not to an idea or a philosophy. Our commitment is to King Jesus and the kingdom He came to establish. 

The phrase, “the kingdom of God,” is unfamiliar to us today. The use of this imagery of the kingdom carries with it one of a fairy tale dreamland or a force of oppression and slavery. Our tendency is to define God’s kingdom with our own ideas and impressions. But Jesus’ vision of the kingdom is unlike anything we can conceive.

We are called to discover the good news of the kingdom that Jesus proclaimed, so our lives become a witness to it. Jesus gives His disciples a picture of the things that will take place as His kingdom advances. He accompanies His apocalyptic vision with an instruction not to be frightened. 

But the disciples are unsettled by Jesus’ words. For them, and for any of us, it's hard to see a light of hope when everything is getting darker. Jesus’ kingdom is not just for some far off day. Upon His first arrival, He brought His kingdom with Him. His kingdom is not defined by geographical boundaries, but in power. 

Our idea of the kingdom is upside down. Jesus comes to turn it right side up. Jesus’ coming is good news. Often, because we are so used to living in an upside down world, Jesus’ way seems out of place. 

Jesus was always incongruent with His surroundings. While He was here, He fellowships with outcasts, feeds the multitudes, forgives His enemies, and turns the other cheek. He looks ill-fitted to His surroundings, but in reality He is the only one living right side up. 

Faced with a world where kingdoms are clashing, believers must relearn and relive the kingdom Jesus proclaimed. The reality of the kingdom is shown by Jesus to be here and now. So while there will be a coming of His kingdom, let’s not forget about today. 



Make it a point today to advance His kingdom in your activities.