Mark 12:41

Money Talks



“. . . how the multitude were putting their money into the treasury; . . .” Mark 12:41



Money talks, it’s an ancient truth. It speaks volumes about the heart. Jesus taught about how money talks when He said “for where your treasure is, there will be your heart also” Matthew 6:21. In Mark’s gospel we join Jesus as He watches people and their money.

Jesus was at the Jerusalem temple, seated at the top of the flight of the steps which led from the terrace to the beautiful gate below. He had a court-side seat to the court. In that court stood thirteen alms boxes shaped like trumpets, with large open mouths and narrow necks. Above each of the boxes was a sign inscribed with a category to which the money would be devoted. 

Jesus could easily see the worshipers. There were long lines of the rich, fashionable, proud – a who’s who of the religious world. The politicians, business people, the Pharisees and the Sadducees, fresh from their devotions at the temple. They had all come to bring their offerings.

The Lord became aware that many were casting in great amounts. The wealthy were devoted and generous in their giving. Nothing is said against those with great sums of money in this text.

But, it was none of the rich givers which caught Jesus’ eye and drew compassion from His heart. There came a poor widow, her eyes fixed on the ground to cover the years of sorrow she had known. Walking, she recites the sanctuary Psalms, in her hand she holds all she has, then quietly and gratefully, she drops it into the box. Of all the great givers there that day, the woman with two mites will be remembered for generations, her sacrifice will never fade away.

Neither the widow nor the others knew they were being watched. Jesus sees not only our actions, but our motives. What a staggering thought for disciples to awaken to the reality that Jesus is really watching, above and beyond our every hope and fear. This means our every action is important. 



How does knowing Jesus is watching impact your worship?