Mark 12:35-40

Holy Habits



Re-read Mark 12:35-40



Being a devoted disciple requires devotion. Sustained devotion that is as regular as breathing. It means learning to live a life of prayer, reflection and reading, more than a mechanical reading of scripture, but a way of reading that intends to live out the text – truth transacted into the action of living. In a way, the word is meant to be made flesh in our flesh.

The primary organ for receiving God’s written word is not the eye that sees, but the ear that hears and perceives. So then, all our reading of scripture must develop into a hearing of the word of God.

Today we have more access to the Bible, but unless these Bibles are opened, accessed and used in connection with a living, speaking God, learning to hear with the ears of our heart, always precedes reading.

Reading scripture has to be cultivated and developed into a habit. Our daily devotional is designed to deliberately help believers develop and deepen their devotion to Jesus. The daily devotional has three strategic parts:

  • Read – The daily devo only contains one verse sometimes only part of a verse. That's because the word must be savored, like a good meal, enjoying each bite. Fewer verses remind us to slow down in our reading, and pay attention to each line.
  • Reflect – Each day, this section provides one thought which rises up out of the text we are reading together as a church. Taking time to reflect on one thought brings us in contact with the oxygen of God’s word and enables our soul to breath in the life-altering truth of the verse.
  • Respond Through the application, the decision to let scripture influence the way we do things, is launched into the nitty gritty of our life. The working of the word in the way we love, work, pay taxes, play, party, pray, brings the invisible into our visible world. Responding to truth takes the text into a new realm of meaning. 

So why the three things of reading, reflecting and responding? Because holy habits create holy patterns for living. They give us traction in our spiritual life to get up and get moving in a God-ward direction.



Take some time to read reflect and respond. Remember what you read, and put it into practice.