Romans 12:2

The Will of God is Not Weird



“. . . so that you will be able to prove what the will of God is . . .” Romans 12:2



The will of God is not weird. Many Christians are confused about knowing God’s will. Some think it’s revealed by a form of hocus-pocus or that it’s uncovered by way of some mystical path. This misconception has kept many believers frozen from their destiny. 

Our ability to know the will of God comes directly out of His work to transform us by the renewing of our minds. Sadly, this truth is lost on many believers. 

Our view of God’s will is revealed in the common phrases we use such as, “What’s God’s will for my life?” or “This is God’s specific will for me.” or “I’m in the center of God’s will,” along with the concepts of this was “the right decision,” “I’m going to find God’s will,” and “I felt in my heart this is what I should do.” No place in scripture do we read of any Christ’s followers uttering such phrases.

Interestingly, the apostles often gave reasons for their decisions, but never in such terms as we speak of it today. If their decisions were based on “finding” or “feeling” God’s will, it’s remarkable that they never mentioned it. There is no evidence of ordinary believers making decisions in this manner.

The decision-making principles of the disciples and the apostles did not include having to “discover” God’s will. Instead, they used phrases such as, “we thought it best,” “if it is fitting,” “it seemed good,” and simply “I have decided.” These believers were exercising their freedom of choice within God’s moral will. They did what was pleasing to God and whatever worked best to get the job done.  

In our quest to spot God’s desire in any given situation and live out the will of God, it is helpful to ask, in light of what I know about the character of God, and considering what He is doing in me, what’s the best thing for me to do? The will of God is that He expects us to think. 



Stop and think!