James 5:16

Healing in Community



“Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:16



It has been said that the local church is the hope of the world. There is nothing like the local church when it’s working right. Whatever the capacity for human suffering, the church has a greater capacity for healing and wholeness.

The church is not a showplace for saints, but rather it is to be a safe place for broken and imperfect people, a category that includes all of us. The church is to be a place for all people regardless of the current condition of their life or their history. After all, God loves each of us just the way we are, but He loves us too much to leave us this way!

The local church can be a place for healing when members live out the Scriptures – “one another” commands such as, love one another, serve one another, encourage one another, and so on. God intends for the Christian life to always be lived out in community. Yes, we confess all our sin to God, but we find a different kind of healing when we confess our brokenness to members of a safe and caring community.

Is our church a safe community for hurting and imperfect people? The truth is that hurt people tend to hurt others while healing people help others heal.



Thank You, Lord, for bringing into my life people who have helped me heal. Use me as an instrument of healing in the lives of others. I pray for their good and Your glory.