Mark 12:44




“. . . she, . . . put in all she owned, all she had to live on.” Mark 12:44



Real giving has a certain recklessness in it. It’s not calculated. A disciple of Jesus sees a need and is moved to meet it, without thinking if they can afford it or where or how their own needs will be met.

The tragedy is often there is some part of our lives, some part of our pursuits, some part of ourselves which we do not give to Christ. There is nearly always something we hold back. We rarely go the extra step and make the final sacrifice and final surrender. 

It’s both a strange and lovely thing the person whom Jesus memorialized at an afternoon of generosity was a person who gave two thin coins. Don’t be judgmental of what you have or don’t have. If we put all we have and all we are at His disposal, He can do things with it and with us that are beyond what we can imagine. Don’t deprive yourself of the wild hope in God as your sustainer and provider. 

If you were standing in the court that day as the widow made her way to the offering boxes, you might have heard her offering a prayer as she walked, “Oh my God, thank you for the opportunity to give what I have to you, it has always been yours. You have always met my needs, I worship you for the ways you have provided for me. I find great joy and delight in giving to you. I think of how much I owe you. My health, my children and the happiness they bring me. You have blessed me in so many ways. I feel I could not live if I did not make my offering to you each week.”

The example of a widow woman teaches a never to be forgotten lesson. She gave recklessly and worshiped recklessly. Giving is absolutely essential to true Christian discipleship. All our doing and acts of worship will be judged not by the amounts or the confessions we make, but by the spirit and motive in our giving and living. 



Is your giving an act of worship? Say a prayer of gratitude as you give to the Lord – do it recklessly.