The Simplicity of Jesus | John 1:1

Join us this season as we shift our focus away from the typical holiday clichés to rethink Christmas by elevating Jesus as our CREATOR, the one born in a CRIB, who journeyed to the CROSS, and ascended  to receive the CROWN as King of Kings. Make the Church Project daily devotionals a regular part of your spiritual rhythm of life during this Advent season and beyond.

The Simplicity of Jesus


". . . the Word was God." John 1:1


The Word. No other title brings out so clearly the identification of Christ with God and the function of Christ to reveal God. Jesus, the Word bridges two worlds mediating heaven and earth. The Word that spoke creation into being, now reveals Him in humanity. 

In the incarnation, we have God’s response to the craving of the human soul to find, to see and to know God. In our search for God, we have looked past Christ and away from Him, as if there were some other answer somewhere else. We weren't content with the raw simplicity of Jesus. So we searched for some other insight, some other revelation.

What a mistake, to suppose that God might make Himself more obvious, more apparent to us than He has done in Jesus. We wanted the thrill of a lightning and thunder discovery. We longed for great power, vast size, dazzling physical glory to be over-powered by the sense of infinite majesty. The resistless might of great force shows us little of God.

The power that upholds the planets in their orbit, the force that holds everything in place tells us nothing of a Holy, loving God. An impersonal power which is able to shock and awe and crush us, but we cannot worship, adore, and love. God cannot reveal Himself by an overwhelming display of His power. Were the universe to fall around us, or were we to see a new creation spring into being before our eyes, we would not believe that power was personal, or could relate to us. 

Only through a love that accommodates itself to the needs of others, only through what is personal only through a relentless tenderness can God reveal Himself to us. God sent Jesus into the world, incredibly the Maker became our Messiah, the judge became the victim. The eternal Word came into our world in the most intimate of relationships, as a helpless child. God who became man is a God we can love, trust, and serve.


Since the nature of God is love, it means we can rely on His faithfulness, we can count on His help, since God is as full of love today as He has been in the past.