All! | John 1:7b

Join us this season as we shift our focus away from the typical holiday clichés to rethink Christmas by elevating Jesus as our CREATOR, the one born in a CRIB, who journeyed to the CROSS, and ascended  to receive the CROWN as King of Kings. Make the Church Project daily devotionals a regular part of your spiritual rhythm of life during this Advent season and beyond.



". . . that all through him might believe." John 1:7b


God is not willing to lose. He plays to win His creation back to Himself. He gives everyone space and time to change. The desire of God’s heart is that not one person should die without knowing Him. 

Think of the people that irritate you more than anyone else. Did you know God is deeply and madly in love with them, even if you're not? He desires for them to know Him. Verse seven tells us John was sent as a messenger that "all" would believe in Him. The word translated here in this verse has an interesting meaning. It means all.

Jesus came for the good, bad, the upright, all the manipulators, all the heartlessly competitive, all the petty liars, the self-deceivers, the greedy, all those who've been battered, bruised, and broken, all those crushed by life. All who are far off, all those who are just like you – and all those who are not. 

At the close of history, no one will be able to say they didn't have an opportunity to know there is a God. The light has come and it lights everyone who has come into the world. Though there is no limit to the defenses we contrive against the in-break of truth, there's no getting away from God’s presence.  

That which is known about God is evident within each of us, eternity has been set in the heart. Creation shouts the existence of God. Open your eyes and there it is! Take a long thoughtful look at what God has created, the heavens tell us all about His Glory, you'll see indicators of His eternal power and His divine nature. So, no matter if we look outward at creation, or inward, we "all” are without excuse. 

If there’s someone in the most remote, darkened part of the earth who is hungering, thirsting after a saving knowledge of God, God will do whatever it takes to reach that one. After all, God is not trying to keep people out of heaven, but sent His Son to win us back, to have us back with Him once and for all. That whosoever will, may come to Him.


Remember that today everyone you meet is someone God wants to reach.